Image 30Th Annv Anthology #3 (Of 12) James Harren Geoff Johns (Mr) (06/29/2022) Image

Image 30Th Annv Anthology #3 (Of 12) James Harren Geoff Johns (Mr) (06/29/2022) Image

Ninjadairy Comics
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(W) Johns, Geoff (A) Mutti, Andrea (C) Harren, James
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This issue features the latest installments of 'The Blizzard' by GEOFF JOHNS & ANDREA MUTTI- 'Red Stitches' by BRENDEN FLETCHER & ERICA HENDERSON- 'Gehenna' by PATRICK KINDLON & MAURIZIO ROSENZWEIG- 'Shift' by KYLE HIGGINS & DANIELE DI NICUOLO- and the final chapters of 'Gospel for a New Century' by WYATT KENNEDY & LUANA VECCHIO- and 'Hopeless' by MIRKA ANDOLFO. Plus! An all-new RUMBLE short by JOHN ARCUDI & JAMES HARREN- WES CRAIG's KAYA- DEAN HASPIEL's BILLY DOGMA- CHRIS GIARRUSSO's G-MAN- and the continuation of 'Stupid Fresh Mess' by SKOTTIE YOUNG!

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